Slimming Acupressure Insole

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Ever dream of slimming down without working out, going to the gym or starving yourself? Ever thought it was just a dream? Well, it’s time to make your dream a reality with these Slimming Acupressure Insole!

Good news! It’s the pad of your dreams! Here’s why...

    • Magnetic Massage Therapy Technology
    • The power of reflexology, acupressure, and magnets combined!
    • Boasts of 7 carefully placed magnets that emit magnetic waves to weaken the body’s excess fat cells.
    • Targets and massages the right acupressure points in the soles.
    • Gently and effectively stimulates the slimming reflexes from the soles up, triggering points for beneficial weight loss.
    • Detoxifies and burns your excess body fats while you walk or stand.
    • Burns as much body fat as an hour of gym workout.
    • Shock Absorbent Medical Silicone Gel Material
    • Helps alleviate body pains and mild to moderate foot discomfort.
    • Boosts your body’s immunity from sickness.
    • Aids in the proper blood and oxygen circulation in the body.
    • Rejuvenates and strengthens your overall health!
    • Wear it comfortably in any shoe!
    • 250 air holes keep feet well-ventilated and cool.
    • Totally safe, washable, and reusable.
    • Saves your effort, time, and money!

These Slimming Acupressure Foot Pads are guaranteed to tone you down a few sizes smaller! Get rid of those excess fats right now. Forget the gym. Forget working out. Forget dieting.

If you’re too busy to do anything else at all or you’re just plain too lazy to get up and get fit, here’s the perfect solution you’ve been dreaming all your life! Let your journey to a slimmer and more beautiful you start from these!

How to Use:

  1. Use it as you would with any shoe pad. Simply put it securely inside your shoe. Can be cut to fit shoe if necessary.
  2. Walk with it ideally for at least 15 minutes to an hour a day. And that’s it!


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