Pinch Massager

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This massage therapy breakthrough effectively soothes and relieves your frustrating bodily tensions.

  • It comes in a U-shaped design that can easily fit into those tight and/or narrow spots.
  • It also boasts of twin wave technology that features dual touch points to provide a fast targeted relief.
  • Perfect must-have for acupuncture pressure points.

Neck pains, headaches, muscle tensions? Say no more to them now!

How Does it Work ?

The Pinch Massager offers a vibrating head with a twin contact point and a flexible body that allows you to use it in all areas of your body. The Silicone touch points are innovative massage devices that attach your fingers and apply it directly to the area of ​​your choice, reducing pain and tension with the effect of a wavy massage. With its small structure, it is easily transported by you and offers you the possibility to massage


  • Ideal for regional massage 
  • Offers strong impact with dual contact point
  • Reduce pain with vibrating massage
  • An ideal product for regional tension and stress
  • It has a fingerprint-like structure that you can apply to any point
  • The headers are made of silicone, trunked plastic material
  • There is an on / off button for easy operation
  • Works with 6 button batteries

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