Cooking Champ Bottle

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Cooking Champ Bottle

8-in-1 Tools to help daily cooking become easy and time-saving.

The Cooking Champ Bottle is easy on storage, as it is designed to fit nicely into any cupboard. The accessories stack up vertically and this special feature allows you to save on storage place for your kitchen tools. 

The bottle has 8 accessories:

  1. Funnel: The bottle top is a funnel which you can attach to the bottomest part of the bottle (the measuring cup) to make a pretty vase to place a flower!
  2. Lemon Squeezer: Perfect for pressing lemons and oranges for refreshing lemonades or vitamin C juices!
  3. Spice Grater: Grate finely cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, ginger, cacao freshly-grated spices are incomparably better than pre-ground.
  4. Egg Masher: To cubify boiled eggs!
  5. Cheese Grater: In case you want cheese!
  6. Cap Opener: To help you open those tight bottles and jam pots effortlessly.
  7. Egg Separator: Separate the white from the yolk in a second!
  8. Graduated Measuring Cup of 350ml capacity: practical, simple and elegant in design.

Dimension : 28 cm  x 8.4 cm

Weight : 215g

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