Contour Gauge Duplicator

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Are You Tired Of Not Getting Accurate Measurements?! šŸ¤”šŸ¤”šŸ¤”

Frustrated and Ready To Give Up?

ThisĀ contour gauge can be used toĀ measure the shape of irregular itemsĀ toĀ create an instant template for markingĀ precise cutsĀ as itĀ perfectly conforms to shapeĀ and holds its pattern.

With the Contour Gauge Duplicator's ease of use, copying a profile has never been this easy, making it a useful tool forĀ woodworking, auto body, auto metal sheet, stainless steel or any duplication job andĀ for all kinds of modeling.

Wellā€¦ Just WAIT!
This Tool Is Made For Accuracy and Precise Measuring!šŸ˜²

Tough, Durable & High Strength!šŸ˜²

  • Multi-UseĀ - The plastic profile Contour Gauge Duplicator copy gauge will help you record the perfect cross-sectional shape of any surface. It's perfect for gauging winding pipes, ducts, circular frames, and more.Ā 
  • Simple OperationĀ  - It's so easy to use the plastic contour gauge. Just press the tooth against the pipe or object you need to fit and when you pull it away, you'll see the teeth in profile copy gauge will retain the shape of the matching contour. Trace it onto the tile, wood, or metal you need to cut, and when cut you'll have a perfect fit. It's lightweight and won't damage surfaces like the old school metal ones.
  • Durable and Anti-RustĀ - Unlike metal contour gauges, this durable plastic profile copy gauge is made from high quality, durableĀ ABS plastic and is rust resistant. And the contour gauge is 4 inches / 120 mm in size.Ā Ā 


  1. Use to find profiles or edges and accurately transfer on to material to be cut
  2. Imperial and metric measurements
  3. Can be used to measure the shape of irregular items.
  4. Adopts ABS plastic material, stable and practical.
  5. Material: ABS
  6. Measuring range: 0-234mm


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