Bathroom Helping Grip

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Anti-Slip! Safe! Dependent!
Ease Yourself Out Of The Bath With Confidence!

  • STRONG GRASP- Flip the lock to activate powerful suction for a super strong hold.
  • EFFICIENT- Grasps tightly on the bathroom wall even when wet.
  • STRENGTH- Holds up to a 100lbs pull. Suitable for people of different sizes.
  • EASY- No drilling or screwing required. Keep walls in perfect condition.
  • ERGONOMIC- Nice comfortable grip that doesn’t strain your hand.
  • VERSATILE- Perfect for any smooth bathroom surface; glass, ceramic or tiles.
  • HEAVY DUTY- Made from thick, durable, strong plastic.


  • Flip switch down to lock and up to unlock.
  • Portable and great for travelling.
  • Not designed to hold the users weight for longer periods of time.
  • A helping hand for those who struggle to navigate themselves in the bathroom.

No longer ask for assistance,  assist yourself with this super Bathroom Helping Grip!

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