Himalayan Salt Lamp

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A Himalayan Salt Lamp is a perfect conversation piece for any home decor


Create a warm, relaxing and purified atmosphere with our beautiful Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp. When the crystal salt lamp is on it diffuses a delicate, warm and relaxing light.

It also becomes a air purifier as it absorbs moisture and diffuse natural negative ions into the air.

It helps sleeping and soothes one's emotions while increasing your energy levels.  

How it works

Himalayan Salt Lamp enhances the ionic balance of your living spaces. When heated, the salt crystal lamp emits negative ions that fight against electromagnetic radiation. The naturally-ionized air also helps you sleep better at night, allowing you to wake refreshed.

Contains more than 80 kinds of minerals and trace elements that cells requires, can stably release anion, adsorb airborne dust and particles, improves the air condition. Crystal salt lamp can release "Schumann" with frequency that can naturally adjust suppress high-frequency electromagnetic waves generated by electrical appliances.

Health Benefits

✔  Reduces Stress
✔  Better Sleep
✔  Reduces Allergies
✔  Supports Immune System
✔  Better Mood and Energy
✔  Improves Breathing
✔  Ease Coughing
✔  Reduce Asthma Symptoms


himalayan salt lamp anions


Reduce stress and fatigue

Salt crystal unique natural orange-pink light can help relieve stress and relieve fatigue.

It helps reducing allergies, and asthma while regulating the immune system. Constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation is known to increase stress levels, cause chronic fatigue, and decrease the body's immune response, among other things. As they emit negative ions into the air, Himalayan salt lamps work to neutralize electromagnetic radiation.

himalayan salt lamp stress


Pure & Natural

Himalayas were covered by the ocean, after geological changes and high temperature exposure, the ocean gradually disappear. A large amount of salt was left on the seabed. After 200 million years of geological extrusion and high temperature, the combination of underground minerals and sea salt finally formed a crystalline rock salt, also known as crystal salt. It is the only existing pure natural salt without present marine pollution.

  • 84 kinds of pure microelement
  • 98% purity rose crystal salt
  • 12 handwork processes

himalayan salt lamp natural


Soft and pleasant lighting

The light of the natural crystal salt lamp is soft and pleasing, which is unmatched by any artificial lighting. Its soft light can help you relax, stabilize your emotions, have the power of purification and is also very effective in healing souls.

himalayan salt lamp relax

Instructions for use

1. Touch the key to turn on the warm light, long press the key to adjust the light brightness. 
2. Double-touch the key, color gradient. 
3. Three times touch switch, fixed light color. 
4. Four times to touch the switch, shut down.



Himalayan crystal salt lamps come from natural minerals, so each one is a unique gift from Earth.


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