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Ultrasonic Nebulizer Compact and Portable Inhalers Nebulizer Mist Discharge Asthma Inhaler Mini Automizer for home use

The Ultrasonic Nebulizer disperses medicine into the air allowing you to breathe clean and healthy air. It allows you to choose the airflow according to your needs; either a large mist quantity or a small mist quantity. This nebulizer is great for people who suffer from respiratory system issues.

Low Noise design allowing you to have a peaceful sleep
Portable design and easy to carry
You can choose the airflow quantity according to your needs
It has an automatic power-off feature - it will turn off once the water has run out to protect the machine

    Size of Atomized Partice: 0.5-5 Micron
    Capacity Of Cup: 10ml
    Vessel Capacity: 25ml
    Automization volume 0.375ml/min: 20 mins timing automatically
    Automization volume 0.5ml/min: 10 mins timing automatically
    1. Remove the atomizer top cover, take the cup and silicon gasket out.
    2. Add 30ml purified water into the Water Chamber, the water level should be 3-5mm above the external silicon ring.
    3. Fill the medicine cup half-full. put the cup into the chamber. 
    4. Re-install the top cover securely with the silicone gasket.
    (Note: the best atomization temperature in the chamber is 30℃/8℉)
    Please use saline water or WARM(NOT boiling) water to sterilize the accessories.
    Only the cup with water can be used, otherwise, it will damage the machine, the cup under the medicine cup must be used to add water!
    1. Add purified water instead of running water into the water chamber.
    2. The machine should be cleaned promptly after use.
    3. Please check whether the machine is damaged, cracks, est. before and after using the product. If yes, please contact our customer service for replacements.

    1.If the machine doesn't work or red light flashes, check whether there's enough water in the water chamber, ensure that the Atomizing Cup can touch the water surface.
    2. If completely no mist or small mist, check the following:
    a. If the water temperature is below 20℃/68℉, replace it with water at 40℃/104℉.
    b. If the medicine liquid has a high concentration or small quantity, it needed to be diluted with normal saline before operate.
    c. If the liquid for atomization contains large particles/impurity/precipitation/flotage/colloidal particles, the machine would not work. 
    d. Change a NEW cup, if no mist after a few uses.
    3. If the top cover does not fit, please ensure the silicon gasket been placed tightly.
    4. For water leakage issue, please don't make the machine tilt.
    Package Include (original packing):
    1 x Portable Nebulizer 
    2 x Mask (1 adult size, 1 child size) 
    5 x Medical cups 
    2 x Mouthpieces 
    1 x AC adapter
    1 x English Manual 

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