MightyGrip - Grapula

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The MightyGrip is a unique kitchen tool that will grip like a set of tongs while letting you flip like a spatula.

It's perfect for cooking breakfast when you have some things that you need to grip like sausages and bacon, while having other things that need flipping, like pancakes, or eggs.

With the MightyGrip you can grab, scoop, and serve foods like scrambled eggs, pulled pork, pot roasts, fish fillets, fruits, cookies, salads, hamburgers, grilled-cheese, steaks, and more! 

There's really nothing that the MightyGrip can't pick up and serve, including other items like ground beef, chicken nuggets, egg rolls, stir fry, rice, and a whole bundle of asparagus. It's perfect for serving taco ingredients directly into the shell, or putting a Philly cheese steak from the pan right onto the bun.

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