Pup Pad™️-Premium Doggy Pee Pad

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No More Messes In The House With The Pup Pad™️ Puppy Pad- The Pad that Keeps Your Carpets Clean And Your Puppies Out Of Trouble

Finally, The perfect way to train your dogs and protect your floors with the new and improved Pup Pad™️. The pad that saves you money and smelly odors all in your carpet.
Made 100% leak proof & machine washable. Saving you time and energy from having to constantly buy new pads. Simply throw it in the washer machine and it's good as new.
Perfect for small dogs and even larger breeds as well. Covers twice as much space and stays in place  Saving you a messy clean up in case you couldn't get to them in time.
Made with 4 innovative and durable padded designs that not only make it super absorbent but also super soft and comfortable. Making the Puppy Lee™️ the perfect alternative as a puppy blanket when it's not being used for training.
What really makes the Pup Pad™️ so popular amongst all pet owners across the world is not just the cool features but our attention to detail and product development that makes us stand out from everyone else in the market. The Pup Pad™️ is the perfect addition to any pet owners collection and will make all the difference in your furry friend's life.


The Pup Pad™️ is made of four protective layers that do not allow any water to get through it, it does a great job to protect your floor, carpets, car seats and the dog’s own crate.

Save Money

Why spend more than one time on a peeing pad that is not even as slightly protective as the Pup Pad™️ ? It is reusable all you have to do is wash it.


No set up needed, no special maintenance. Just lay it down, leave it, and drop it in the washing machine when needed.

High-end materials

The pad is made of high-end materials that are really safe and gentle on your dog’s skin, will not cause any kind of skin irritation.

Great Design

It is made from cute bones and paws pattern that will match your dog toys, gear, bowls, and accessories.

Machine Washable

Easily washable by the machine to save time and effort.



 Easy Wash- Machine washable so you don't have to hand wash it. Just simply throw it in the washer machine and just rinse and repeat. No more hand scrubbing for hours and hours trying to get the odor out. 

Super Absorbent- 100% leak proof and absorbs five times as much versus your standard puppy pad. Saving your floor from smelly puppy puddles all over your floors.
Saves Time & Money- No more buying disposable pads left and right. With the Puppy Lee, you can use over and over for years before replacing it.
Travel-Friendly- Lightly yet super supportive and fits perfectly inside the kennel. Which means you don't have to worry about your dog having accidents on your backseat again during those long trips.
Multi-Use- Can not only use as a puppy pad you can re-purpose it as a blanket. Super soft and comfortable padding that makes the Pup Pad™️ the perfect alternative to fit all of your dog's needs.

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