TopGrafting Shears

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Tree Grafting Made Easy

The TopGraftin tree grafters and pruning shears are a gardeners dream!

With pruning shears made from #65 stainless steel and double-edged grafting blades made from SK5 hardened steel, you can be sure our TopGrafting tree grafter will be up for any job you need.

Gardeners have been grafting trees for years. Taking a species they love and add it to a healthy rootstock. Giving you a beautiful, healthy tree of any species you can think of.

The pruning blades are 1/8" thick, the ideal size for cutting leaves, twigs and stems. The grafting shears are able to cut plants from 3/16" - 17/32" in diameter.

With ease, you can cut two perfectly shaped cuts which fit together with ease.

How to graft a tree:

  • Select a healthy scion (1-year-old tree) of the species you prefer
  • Cut the scion and the rootstock
  • Combine your two grafts
  • Tape with environmentally friendly tape
  • Wait 3 weeks until the scion begins to turn green, you should see buds emerging within 8 weeks.

Take the skill and guesswork out of your grafting with these grafting shears.

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